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Below you will find several types of activities for kids designed to get them moving, help them learn, keep them busy, and help them grow into self-sufficient nature-loving adults.

Practical Home Life Activities

Practical life or home life activities for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged kids provide an opportunity to master life skills that help the child develop independence.

Imaginative Play Ideas for Children

Book and Literacy Activities for Kids

A fun collection of book activities and literacy activities for children preschool age and up. For our favorite books lists be sure you check out our "resources" page!

If you're wondering why there are so many Christmas activities, many of our book activities are done during the holidays for the annual book-inspired kid-made ornaments and gifts blog hop. 

Science, STEM, STEAM, and Nature Study Ideas for Kids

Keep the kids learning with these fun science, STEM, STEAM and nature study ideas!

Sensory Activities for Kids

A few of our top sensory activities are listed below. For many more sensory bottle ideas be sure to click on "Calm Down Sensory Bottles 101."

Sewing Ideas for Kids

Teach the kids how to sew with the fun and easy ideas and sewing projects below! 

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids is a winning learning activity in my book… and so much fun too! Spend some time connecting with the kids and helping them develop independence in the kitchen with the ideas below!

Gardening with Kids

The best thing you can do to help young children learn to garden is to allow them to watch you work, invite them to give it a try, and offer guidance as needed. No pushing or forcing.

Give your child time to watch and learn and one day you might find an eager worker bee at your side. It also may not be something that interests them, and that's okay too.

We believe in the magic of childhood, the power of the imagination, learning through play, and getting outside in all seasons!

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