You want to spend quality time connecting with your children doing creative activities yet still have time for yourself.

You want to be a fun hands-on mom that gets outside with the kids, but feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to fit it into an already hectic schedule.

The good news is... You don't have to know how to do it all to be a good mom.

I never thought I could complete an art project with my kids. Thank you Nell, for doing what you do, and doing it so well!


Imagine waking up in the morning having a plan for your day that includes fewer worksheets and more creativity, less screen time and more outside play time!

When you become a member of the Rhythms of Play community; you’ll find the time to CONNECT with your children and the FREEDOM to do the things you LOVE!

Meet Nell

I never felt like I was ready to have kids. I hid my desire to have my own children in many of the career choices I made. I was a teacher, a coach, a nanny, an ocean lifeguard ready to save the world… yet, I still felt unworthy of motherhood.

Once my dreams of having a child came true, I quickly found myself exhausted and overwhelmed. I wanted to do fun activities with my daughter and spend quality time connecting with her, but I had no idea how to fit it all in. Once I began implementing rhythms of play into my family’s lives, everything began falling into place.

If children learn through play, and rhythms are the routines and tasks we complete daily and weekly; think of motherhood as the time we spend guiding our children through the rhythms of their youth... Rhythms of Play.

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I have a 2 and a half-year-old whom I love doing arts and crafts with and a 12-year-old special needs son... your site has great ideas for both of them! 



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Thanks so much for these great ideas. I made the rainstick sensory bottle and my little girl loved it!