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Parenting tips and ideas including how to use the power of rhythm to keep your family happy and your household running smoothly including raising helpers, recommended toys, book lists and more! 

Parenting Articles

Household Organization: Routines and Rhythms

Use the power of routines and rhythms to help you keep the kids busy, the husband happy, and your household running smoothly! 

Recommended Toys for Kids

Our favorite toys for baby's, toddlers, preschoolers and kids! 

Book Lists for Kids

Book lists for kids and caregivers that make parenting a bit easier to navigate.

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids is a winning learning activity in my book… and so much fun too!Spend some time connecting with the kids and helping them develop independence in the kitchen with the ideas below!

Gardening with Kids

The best thing you can do to help young children learn to garden is to allow them to watch you work, invite them to give it a try, and offer guidance as needed. No pushing or forcing.

Give your child time to watch and learn and one day you might find an eager worker bee at your side. It also may not be something that interests them, and that's okay too.

We believe in the magic of childhood, the power of our dreams, spending more time outside than inside, and making this world a greener place to live!

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