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How to Make Fingerprint Lights Christmas Tree Cards

Make beautiful homemade fingerprint Christmas lights cards with this simple Christmas craft tutorial. Homemade Christmas tree cards with fingerprint lights are a quick and easy gift idea that kids can make for parents and grandparents at home or in the classroom.
Prep Time20 mins
Active Time20 mins


  • Pair of scissors
  • Children's Fingertips


  • Trace Christmas tree cookie cutters, or, download and print Christmas tree art templates onto cardstock.
  • Cut out each of the Christmas trees with a pair of scissors.
  • Use a fine-tip permanent marker to draw light strings onto the Christmas tree cutouts.
  • Invite children to dip their fingertips into tempera paint to make fingerprint lights on each Christmas tree. Allow the fingerprint Christmas lights time to dry before moving onto the next step.
  • Glue each Christmas tree cutout with fingerprint lights onto the front of a green, red, blue, or craft paper brown, blank greeting card.



Have wipes or a wet washcloth nearby to quickly wipe fingers in order to use multiple tempera paint colors to make fingerprint Christmas lights.
Write holiday greetings and send handmade fingeprint lights Christmas tree cards off to family relatives for Christmas!